How MELÓ Cosmetics is born

Our story starts from a millennia-old fruit, of n o m and "punica granatum" more commonly known as "Pomegranate"

It is a plant belonging to the Lythraceae family (formerly in Punicaceae), native to the region c o m p r e s a between the ran and the Himalayan chain, present since ancient times in the Caucasus and the entire Mediterranean scrub. lI s u o fruit is called pomegranate. By informing us and comparing ourselves very carefully with experts of the Sector, we found that this "super-fruit", not only is an excellent and beneficial drink, but it is also rich in soothing and rejuvenating antioxidant properties for the skin.

From the idea of creating a cosmetic line based on of pomegranate, exploiting its immense potential, and thus giving the customer the opportunity to know and experience firsthand all the benefits of this extraordinary fruit, on their own skin.


Our research

The first step was to create a partnership with companies in the area of Pesaro that produce Melograno Bio, from which to extract the juice for the products.

Then, making use of a laboratory specialised in the research, analysis, production and packaging of cosmetics, after various tests and tests to refine the recipe, the first line of MELÓ Cosmetica branded creams was born.

Our great goal is to have an increasingly competitive range of organic pomegranate-based creams and skin products, in such a way as to differentiate themselves in the cosmetics market.

Our mission is, and always will be, to create innovative, natural, and effective products against the signs of time and age, with natural and refined ingredients, in order to satisfy even the most attentive consumer.

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